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5 Dubai Properties That Cost Under A Million Dirhams

When it comes to investing in Dubai properties or anywhere else in the world for that matter, there is one major misconception. Only millionaires can afford to invest in property. Some of us hesitate ... Read More

Dubai Landlords Now Accepting More Cheques For Dubai Rental Properties

According to recent reports and studies, landlords are now accepting multiple cheques for their properties. Tenants can pay up to four cheques, or even more for Dubai rental properties. In prev ... Read More


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There is still a fantastic level of after care services that am loving at the moment from Imran. He was always on time and was always at hand to respond to my queries. Kudos to Imran for a job well done and surely I will love to work with him in the future. Extremely professional agent and well liked Smile 

Duglas Merry - Tenant      
East Heights      

Nargiza is a very hard working individual, with that I am very satisfied with the services she gave us. She is a true professional, I most certainly see us working with her again in the future. I give her 100 percent on scales because she deserves it Smile 

Mushashi Yen - Tenant      
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