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5 Dubai Properties That Cost Under A Million Dirhams


When it comes to investing in Dubai properties or anywhere else in the world for that matter, there is one major misconception. Only millionaires can afford to invest in property. Some of us hesitate to invest because we believe only those with a 7 figure salary can invest in property. Fortunately, thanks to developers of Dubai ... Read More

Dubai Landlords Now Accepting More Cheques For Dubai Rental Properties


According to recent reports and studies, landlords are now accepting multiple cheques for their properties. Tenants can pay up to four cheques, or even more for Dubai rental properties. In previous years, landlords would only accept a single cheque over a 2-year contract, which caused inconvenience to tenants, especially ... Read More

9 Reasons We Love City Walk


City Walk Dubai is an urban and fashionable outdoor shopping district that offers everything in one area, from international brand labels to high-end restaurants, swanky cafes, unique entertainment outlets, and fun places for the entire family. We do?t have just one or two, but at least 9 reasons why we love City Walk and wha ... Read More

Dubai's Modern Marvels


Dubai is an international example when it comes to its architectural marvels. The Dubai skyline features some of the most stylish designs that are not seen elsewhere in the world. Other than the obvious choices such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the Palm Jumeirah, this city features many upcoming monuments, structures and ... Read More

If Characters From Game of Thrones Lived in Dubai


In honor of the season premiere of Game of Thrones, we wondered what kind of Dubai Property our favorite characters would live in. Arya Stark Arya Stark is the youngest daughter of House Stark and is also a favorite character among many GOT fans. People love her for her spunk, wild nature, and her independence. Unlike he ... Read More

Area in Focus: Arabian Ranches


In our previous blog, we took a look at the Green Community and all of the different amenities it has to offer. In this blog, w?ll be focusing on another stylish suburban area located in the Dubai city limits. This district features various styles of homes for those wh?d like to choose a more calm and peaceful environment. O ... Read More