Monthly Archive: June 2015

What is Ramadan?

Aisha Ali

Ramadan is a month in which followers of the Islamic faith (Muslims) refrain from eating and drinking in order to achieve the great blessings that come with the month whilst seeking forgiveness from Allah (God). Fasting during this month makes up 1 of the 5 pillars of Islam, making it mandatory (within reason of course). While some non-Muslims recognize only the abstinence from food and drink, which happens to be the most obvious part, there’s a lot more to it for the Muslims and we’ll get to that shortly. (more…)

State of the Market

Abdullah Alajaji -1

The market has entered into a new dynamic, where supply is now met by strong demand. Unlike all our expectations, price/equilibrium discovery is nearing an end and we are likely to see recovery in prices very soon. We also expected transactions volumes to slow, and that again has surprised us, where June/July are set to be very busy months. This could be attributed to a number of factors: (more…)