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Tips for Landlords: How to Rent Their Property Quicker


In Duba?s competitive rental market, similar properties are often being advertised for rent and new developments are rolling onto the market regularly. Driven Propertie? Ellen Sleutjes has offered tips for property owners on how to make their property stand out from the crowd in order to rent it out quicker:

1) Make sure your property is pleasing to the eye:

2) Set a competitive yearly rent:

3) Add kitchen appliances to the property if not built in already:

4) Allow for tenants to keep pets in the property?

5) Rent with fairness:

6) Have a specialized agent manage your property?Consider hiring a property management company to lease and manage your property. Tenants will prefer to move into a property that is managed by a specialized Agent, especially in a country where many Landlords are foreign investors who are not present nor able to deal with maintenance issues during the tenancy and where Landlords are generally too busy to deal with all their assets. Knowing that the property will at all times be looked after and any problems?will be taken care of by an agency is a reassuring factor for many tenants and landlords alike.