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Client Testimonials

Syed Imran

There is still a fantastic level of after care services that am loving at the moment from Imran. He was always on time and was always at hand to respond to my queries. Kudos to Imran for a job well done and surely I will love to work with him in the future. Extremely professional agent and well liked Smile 

East Heights     Duglas Merry - Tenant

Nargiza Srazhdinova

Nargiza is a very hard working individual, with that I am very satisfied with the services she gave us. She is a true professional, I most certainly see us working with her again in the future. I give her 100 percent on scales because she deserves it Smile 

Ritaj 2     Mushashi Yen - Tenant

Ramona Alexandra

Ramona's services were top notch, I was really taken good care of. I would give her an 8 on the scales for a job well done!.

Blvd Central 1     Moutassem Al Atassi - Tenant

Hassan Sibai

Hassan has good conduct and honest disposition, His services were perfect. He is very straight forward and works with ease, I would like to work with him and the agency in the future. I can’t complain at all as everything went so smoothly Wink 

Business Central Dubai     Mr. Garen Ardashes - Tenant

Ludovic Ortiz

Off course I will work with Ludovic time and time again. He is and always has been a supportive individual, his services were very professional, he has attention to detail and works with ease given the circumstances. I say yes to testimonials. Cool 

City Walk     Mr. Saif Al Belhasa - Landlord

Effie Matara

Amazing showmanship, excellent work ethics, very hands on, returned my calls at the drop of a hat. Always answered by queries with ease, lovely services which would entail me to give her a 9 out of 10 on my scales. Effie was simply outstanding .

DIFC     Cibele Silva - Tenant

Sogol Eniavy

Sogol and Neena were the most efficient and professional team I came across. I was impressed from the beginning till the end. I loved working with them both especially Sogol, the future looks promising. Thank you both for your professionalism, am very happy with the everything.

City Walk     Mr. Saman Malik Chander - Tenant

Nargiza Srazhdinova

Nargiza was a lovely agent to work with. She was really responsive to all our requirements. She was extremely professional and I would like to work with her in the future as well. I am really satisfied with everything.

DIP     Mr. Abraham Thomas

Ludovic Ortiz

Ludovic demonstrated a high level of professionalism, he is passionate and gives a premium customer service. He knows what he is talking about and gets things done quickly. I believe Ludovic is a great asset for Driven Properties, I will recommend him to my friends. It is satisfying to see an agent who is willing to help and who is not pushing to absolutely close a deal.

Silicon Oasis     Mr. David Rochat - Tenant

Zhihua Zhang

Derek - Zhihua Zhang Surprises you with his activeness and it's infectious. His work ethic is amazing, I like his approach. He is very thorough and his attention to detail is very calming. You know your back is covered just by working with him. Here is to future dealings with him and the agency.

Mr. Alaa Abdullah - Owner