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Green Group from the Signature Livings project's solar initiative is expected to contribute 1,660 thirty year old mature trees during the lifetime of its solar cells with each condominium contributing 6 trees.

Through its artificially intelligent HVAC system, project is expected to reduce carbon foot print equivalent to 5,681 thirty year old mature tree since inception of project till full life. This equates to 20 trees for each unit.

The FAHU in the building will also create a balance between Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide inside the building by removing the carbon foot print and harmful bacterias from the air and circulating fresh air for the residents in the building.

It’s a collaboration of science and arts and it is first of its kind in many ways.It is Eco Friendly Life style: Green Minded but with touch of Luxury. We Found ways to protect our planet and we embrace this wholeheartedly.


  • Open Air Glass Squash court in courtyard
  • Gym
  • Pool & Jacuzzi
  • BBQ decks

Latest in technology and installed at Apples head office and Bloomberg, Eco Friendly Top Brewer Mobile enabled coffee machines will be installed in both lobbies. Tenants/owners just need to bring their cups - Rest is free

Plantation: Palm trees will be planted inside the courtyard and outside the project.

Location District 10, JVC: Next to Park, School, 90 Secs from Entry Exit and Gas station.

Specs of apartments:

  • The Condominiums will be fully furnished
  • Mobile integrated music in bathroom and world wide radio station
  • Smart Door bell
  • Smalvic Kitchen appliances
  • Designers Wardrobe
  • Eco Friendly Nest thermostat for temperature control separate for every room
  • Swiss hardwood floor

Attention to details:

  • Special drainage caps used in project that don’t allow insects to come out
  • Garbage chutes will be washed automatically every 24 hours
  • Finger print proof access panels in kitchen
  • Laminated safety glass in balcony
  • Category A, Fresh air handling units | purified fresh air in common areas and apartments. Its the biggest feature through Artificially intelligent HVAC system. It prevents Spread of Corona through droplet transmissions from air conditions. You get this thing in 5 star hotels. Air lines are now looking into this thing.
  • Card & Remote free access to car parkings
  • 7. Eco System to kill intoxicants of Kitchen and Bathroom
  • High performance glass to reduce IR and UV penetration, Basically you will have cooling and noise control
  • KONE Lifts
  • Slimmest ventilation ducts and soundless cooling

Unit Types:

  • The condominiums | Designer suites
  • One bedroom
  • 2 bedroom with plunge pool

Fixed Service charges per Annum:

  • AED 5500 for The Condominiums | Designer Suites
  • One Bedroom : AED 9000
  • 2 bedroom : AED 12500

By the way If you Google Solar powered residential apartment buildings in world, you will figure out the uniqueness and if you go on EXPO2021 website, sustainability is the central topic of EXPO.

What's Included?

S.No Specifications Purpose
1 Kitchen Appliances Smalvic - Italian Techno Cooking
2 Kitchen Island and counter tops Granite - Anti Bacterial – Matt Finishing
3 Kitchen Ecology unit Installed - To eliminate odors and intoxicants
4 Kitchen Storage & Cabinets Plenty of storage
5 Under Mount Sink Yes
6 USB sockets in Kitchen | Living | Master Yes
7 Soap Dispenser Installed
8 Drainage system – Kitchen & Bathroom Insects Free
9 Ventilation Ducts Slim design - Soundless
10 Floor Porcelain tiles & Swiss hardwood floor
11 AC Thermostats for Every room ECO Friendly Mobile integrated NEST Thermostats
12 Door Bell Mobile integrated smart door bell
13 Wardrobe Yes
14 Door Stoppers Yes - Child & Pet Safety
15 Indoor Air Quality Fresh Clean Air via Fresh Air Handling Units
16 Common Area Garbage Chutes Self-Washed
17 Lights High Standard LED
18 Windows Glass High Quality – Protection from UV & IR – Sound & Temperature control
19 Smart Mirrors Bathrooms – Mobile integrated Music & Worldwide Radio
20 GYM Yes - Integrated Music
21 Squash Court – Open Air Yes - In the Courtyard
22 Swimming Pool Yes
23 Jacuzzi Yes
24 BBQ Yes
25 Car Parking Card and remote less
26 Lobby Area Mobile Integrated ECO FRIENDLY Coffee access for Residents + Integrated Music + Integrated fragrance
27 Utility connections DEWA ONLY - No Chiller
29 Architecture & Design Unique - not a carbon copy - First of its kind
30 Service Charges Very Low