Aqua Real Estate Development

About Aqua Properties
Established since 2005
CEO Ali Tumbi

Aqua Real Estate Properties works with the investors and introduced new opportunities from build services and turnkey design and from initial concept to completion. This real estate company maintains an evolving and dynamic approach to optimum performance for the client and assets. The strategic and tactical approach helps them to achieve the maximum return on investment in UAE Region.

Aqua Properties provides the most inclusive service available in the region as well as it offers real estate services over the last 10 years. It also offers the client full real estate facilities such as commercial & residential property transactions, off plan investment opportunities along with assisting them to buy a home of their dreams

Aqua Properties always offers more and do better to perform excellent and highest standards and services to our clients this all is achieved through experience, knowledge, and professionalism.

Aqua properties have grown and diversified since the beginning and offer the market the best projects, real estate supervision management, investment advisory services and international consulting services.