Sell your Property in Dubai

If you are looking to sell property in Dubai. Let us help you with this difficult task.

Best Real Estate Agents

Our skilled and dedicated team of Dubai real estate agents at Driven Properties can take much of the work off of your hands while still ensuring that you get the best possible value on your properties.

Our Agents can also arrange events such as open houses and our further promote it via our websites and our numerous digital platforms on the Internet in Dubai to ensure that it reaches to a wide audience and you end up getting the best deal possible.

Necessary Documentation Process

Owners who choose to work with Driven Properties in order to sell properties in Dubai will receive full listing of their property online, where potential sellers will be able to get a full and accurate view of the particular real estate.

Our real estate agents will guide you through the necessary documentation process and property valution like providing Title deed, Oqood if its off plan property, Emirates ID, Passport, UAE Residence visa etc.

Mortgage Advisory

In case your property is mortgaged we have a specialized team which offers the best mortgage advisory in Dubai. The advice will help your all mortgage related issues and will ensure a smooth and fast transfer of assets and payments to sell your property.

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