International Properties

International Properties

International Property Investments

Exclusive features

  • Beautiful international destinations
  • Ability to purchase in a variety of currencies
  • Affordable entry level prices & finance available

Are you interested in investing in property overseas? Our investment property portfolio's also feature; properties in Panama, Spain and many more upcoming locations. 

UK International Projects

UK International Projects

Buy-to-let property investments have long been an excellent medium to long-term venture. They are an excellent option for anyone looking for a tangible investment that could generate a rental income that covers any mortgage costs or outlays.

  • Tangible & profitable long-term investments
  • Capital growth opportunities
  • Excellent rental yields
  • Fantastic locations with well-researched markets
  • Fully managed and vast property opportunities
  • Residential property for sale in the UK with guaranteed rental returns.

Available Investments

  • UK student accommodation
  • UK Care Home Investment
  • UK Hotel Room Investment
  • Land
  • Car Parking

UK student accommodation

UK student accommodation investments have become popular over recent years, now boasting an investment market worth approximately £2 billion. The industry has proven resilient through the recession, and the introduction of higher tuition fees. Investors are attracted to the sector given the notable undersupply, and high rental returns.


  • Global investment market worth approximately £2 billion
  • A resilient industry through the recession
  • Increasing numbers of students in higher education
  • High returns & fully managed
UK student accommodation
UK Care Home Investment

UK Care Home Investment

The UK Care homes industry is worth a staggering £22.2 billion as it stands but these figures are only set to rise as the population grows at an incredible rate.

The UK Government has committed to spend of £3.8 billion in this sector year on year. There is a significant demand for quality housing and care provision in the UK. Majority of people above the age of 60 are living in care home centres.

As a result, UK Care Home Investments are fast becoming a popular alternative investment option for many wishing to invest in property in a growing sector.


  • The ageing population in the UK
  • Rising demand for specialist care homes
  • Steady income streams and healthy rental yields
  • Increased bank lending for the sector
  • The existing stock is sub-standard homes
  • A quarter of people above the age of 90 living in communal care homes
  • The increasing life expectancy for the UK population
  • Demand for UK Care Homes is forecasted to increase by 60% in the period to 2023

UK Hotel Room Investment

We present to you a unique opportunity to purchase at one of the UK’s most historic country hotels - the stunning Lakeside Manor which lies in the heart of Yorkshire near the village of Monk Fryston just outside of Leeds.

From the minute you arrive at the imposing gates of the manor and drive down the tree-lined sweeping drive you will be instantly captivated by the sheer beauty of it all.


  • High rental yields of up to 10% NET per annum 
  • Affordable entry levels investments from £65,000 that do not incur stamp duty tax
  • Developer buyback options from year 5 of up to 125% in year 10
  • Fully managed, passive income asset with experienced hoteliers responsible for day-to-day operations
  • Personal usage options are available with some investments offering owners two weeks free accommodation each year
  • Leases of up to 125 years with title deeds recorded with the land registry

Regardless of what you are searching for, our partnerships and our own experience and skills can help you to find what you are searching for in international property. No matter where in the world you are seeking a property, or for what purpose you are seeking a property, we can help you with your needs.

UK Hotel Room Investment
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