As a property owner, it is important to you that you put the management of your property into the hands of a company that you can trust to give it the attention and care that it deserves. Driven Properties is dedicated to ensuring that every landlord’s property is cared for properly and that their property investment is given the attention needed to maximize landlords' profits.

One of the more unique aspects of the way that Driven Properties operates on behalf of landlords as compared to other property management companies is that they can provide short-term rentals in addition to the usual longer-term rentals. Driven Properties is one of only two agencies in Dubai that have this ability. This can be ideal for the property owner who is only looking to rent out their home while they are out of the country, but who is looking to make a substantial profit while they are away.

Driven Properties is dedicating to connecting landlords and potential renters in order to help ensure that there is a payoff for everybody involved in the process.

For landlords, Driven Properties' long list of services includes:

- Managing leases and tenants
- Arranging viewings for the property
- Marketing a property
- Performing inspections upon move-in or move-out
- Collecting rent payments and helping to set up utilities and other services
- Keeping up with remodeling and basic maintenance
- Ensuring that landlords are kept aware of all accounts

Throughout the entire process, our team will work with you to evaluate the property,to keep it maintained, and to come up with a plan that will help to get the highest possible returns on rent for the property. Regardless of what you need, from an open house to screening tenants to find the right applicant, we have the skills and the experience necessary to take care of everything for you.

Our agents will also provide full marketing for landlords' properties, including managing listings through sites such as This will ensure the widest possible audience for each landlord’s property, as well as high rates of occupancy and overall incredible results.

This full-service management helps to ensure that landlords do not need to spend all of their time and attention on taking care of the many tasks that can arise through ownership of a property.

Landlords who are interested in working with Driven Properties need only contact a representative for more information about all of the services that they can provide, or to set up a consultation in order to determine everything that would be required in order to allow Driven Properties to begin managing their rentals.

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