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Invest in Dubai Real Estate during COVID 19

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Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones while you stay safe during these uncertain times amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Rest assured that despite the current situation, our team remains committed and at your service. We are ready and fully operational with tremendous capacity to service all your property requirements.

We believe in Dubai, and we believe this is a great opportunity for investors to act strategically.

The following keys are important to consider now more than ever:

  • Take advantage of great developer offers at this time, many projects are near handover, reducing the risk of buying off plan, and benefitting by having a brand-new property
  • Get great value and benefit from buying a property now with all-time low prices
  • Long payment plans are available from reputable developers like Emaar
  • Previous examples – people who invested in 2009-2013 made the most profit selling in 2015-2017 (see the graph)

  • Take advantage of low interest rates and get a mortgage, owning a property helps to protect the cash you have in the bank from losing value through inflation
  • Avoid the volatility of the stock market, with COVID 19, stocks will continue bouncing up and down with the latest news
  • Because Property Liquidity is low, shocks to the market don't impact property prices as violently and drastically as the stock market, property is resilient
  • Decrease in overall transaction activity - more options are available now, with less competing buyers, take advantage of distressed deals below market value
  • Take this opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle, prices in high demand areas are comparable to prices in less central affordable communities a few years ago
  • Use your time wisely, progressive agencies like Driven Properties are ready to serve you online. Our Property Consultants are engaged and active, take advantage of this cycle!
    • Digital Meetings with our Property Consultants
    • High Resolution Photos of properties and amenities
    • HD Videos of property and communities
    • Virtual Viewings, our agent will connect with you live from the property
    • 360 Degree Walkthroughs
    • Easy payment processing, like shopping online
    • We’re ready to provide you with everything you need to make your property purchase, all from the comfort of your own home!
    • Please feel free to click the link below to request a video chat with one of our Property Consultants.
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