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In Dubai real estate market, the popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin may be growing, but it hasn’t hit the mainstream as the mode of Payment.

If you are interested in purchasing the real estate property in Dubai using any form of cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin contact Driven Properties.

Driven Properties is the first real estate company to accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for real estate transactions in Dubai. We often ask our clients about the possibility of buying the properties with virtual money. Driven Client advisory team can help you and provide the right channel for managing your Dubai cryptocurrency transactions.

For international buyers, the option of digital money is becoming popular as they want an easy and secure way to make payments. Many real estate property markets around the world have started accepting crypto payments, including UAE.

Introduction to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is created and held electronically; it is a form of digital currency, and no one can control it. It is not printed like a euro or a dollar, it is produced by the people, and business running computers all around the world, used for solving mathematical problems.

The thing that makes this money different from conventional money is that it is decentralized. No institutions can control this online monetary network. Satoshi Nakamoto, a software developer, proposed bitcoin. The aim was to introduce a currency independent of any central authority, more or less instantly, transferable electronically, with very low transaction fees.

Several Developers in Dubai are now accepting virtual money for buying real estate property. The Dubai Bitcoin market has become a hot topic for both amateur investors and professional financiers. The developers in Dubai are offering to accept it as payment for their properties. It was at the start of 2018 and will probably become common as the bitcoin Dubai market matures and becomes more widely accepted.

How to buy Dubai property with Cryptocurrency

Purchasing a Dubai apartment, villa, residential or commercial property with crypto money can be complicated. Driven Properties aims at simplifying the transactional, security and legal components of using digital currency to sell or buy the real estate in Dubai.

Driven Properties will take care of the whole process and offers you an opportunity to own your dream home in Dubai. Let Driven help you enjoy increasing your wealth, by making it easy, smooth and also save crucial time.

Buying the property in Dubai with Bitcoin is the best alternative to simply cashing in your investment and allows you to trade in your cryptocurrency in Dubai for the more stable asset, which can give you more return on investment.

In the past few years, Dubai has taken various technological strides to become the world’s first smart city, by using the best technological innovation to modify all aspects of life. Yet digital money still has a long path to travel before it becomes the perfect choice for the major transactions. However, it is a small step in the right direction, providing the buyers with a reliable option to convert virtual money into a physical asset.

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Dubai using Bitcoin or cryptocurrency get in touch with our client advisory team for more details and free consultation.