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Driven Properties is one of few real estate companies in Dubai that can offer incredible VIP service to those who are looking to purchase or sell high end properties in the UAE. It’s understandable that some property sales require the utmost in discretion, and you may not want to advertise your property to just anybody. This is especially true when it comes to very rare or very expensive properties, or when it comes to high-profile clients or clients of very high societal standing to whom discretion is absolutely crucial.

Those who have these kinds of special needs can trust Driven Properties to handle their sale with the utmost discretion, no matter how much privacy they require throughout the advertising, showing of the property, and eventual sale. Everything about these kinds of sales is planned out precisely, to offer the utmost in safety, security, and privacy both to the individual selling the property and the individual purchasing the property.

This is done through a system in which potential buyers are fully interviewed and screened before they are given the opportunity to view these unique, high-end listings in our catalogue of qualifying properties. We also determine prior to ever showing an individual one of these private properties whether or not it accurately meets their needs, to ensure that as few people as possible ever have the opportunity to view the home or to gain any more information about it.

Rest assured that if you have a unique property that you want to sell, but you are in need of discretion, Driven Properties is able to meet all of your needs. You will not lose any value when it comes to the sale of the property, as we will still offer you assurance that the property in question is seen by all those who meet your privacy criteria, and who may be interested in and financially capable of purchasing the property.

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